GeoXplor-Drill-Rig1-580x270GeoXplor Corp was formed in 2005 to capitalize on the anticipated uranium boom. Since 2007/2008 the company has focused on Lithium Exploration in Nevada. The 95 combined years of mineral exploration experience of the Principals, Clive Ashworth and John Rud resulted in the staking and optioning of 1000′s of mineral claims in South West United States and the implementation of state of the art geophysical methodologies combined with in depth knowledge of local geology resulting in numerous discoveries

Grid-w-points-and-contours-2-300x291GeoXplor Corp has been secured as the Prime Exploration Contractor for Lithium-X Enegry Corp. and the Operator for Pure Energy Minerals Inc,  lithium exploration and development companies focused on becoming low-cost suppliers for the burgeoning lithium battery industry.

Pure Energy Minerals Inc. has an MOU with Tesla in regards to the supply of Lithium Hydroxide from its rapidly developing claims in Clayton Valley, Nevada. 

Lithium X acquires NSP Lithium Claims

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Pure Energy Minerals Inc. acquires Clayton Valley Claims from GeoXplor Corp.

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Exploration Services

Properly managed exploration programs are essential in today’s competitive and increasingly expensive exploration and mining industry. From the initial planning to the logging and testing of core samples, every exploration stage requires expertise and ethical excellence.

Consulting Services

At the exploration stage of your project, GeoXplor Corp. offers the complete management of exploration programs and will ensure that the entire chain of custody for your samples is managed efficiently so that you receive your results from accredited laboratories in a timely fashion.

Visionary Leadership

Our company offers exploration services to the benefit of the client including full service contract geophysical surveys, data processing and data interpretation, radiometric surveys,  state of the art down-hole probe equipment and onsite drill supervision.