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GeoXplor Corp. offers a range of geophysical exploration services to the mineral industry. Years of experience in mineral exploration and project development has enabled GeoXplor to provide expert staff to provide, supervise or manage geological and geophysical exploration. 

What We Do

GeoXplor Corp. offers a range of geological, hydrological and geophysical services, including: 

Exploration program preparation and analysis, focusing on the application of geophysical methods 

Geophysical contract preparation and assessment of tenders 

Survey and Claim Staking

Quality control and supervision of geophysical results with results from other methods 

Specialized Proficiency

Technical Expertise

Acquisition, processing, quality control and interpretation of potential field, radiometric, electrical, electromagnetic and seismic refraction data and most other geophysical methodologies

Permitting: an essential element in all exploration endeavors. GeoXplor anticipates and executes at all levels of permitting in a thorough manner. 

Beyond The Business Plan

Reports And Maps

GeoXplor Corp. technical reports will contain detailed information regarding the survey area and operations, equipment, instrument checks and calibrations, quality control and data processing techniques applied (including a description of the relevant geophysical theory and parameters used), detailed interpretation (if applicable), and a summary of the deliverable products. In addition, further detailed information is provided in these standard report appendices: Statement of Qualifications Boundary Coordinates of Survey Blocks Project Status Reports and Reports Digital Data Specifications (Metadata)Page Size Maps.

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